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    Welcome to American DreamZZ               Thinking USA = Think American DreamZZ  
  The One Stop Shop for all USA Visa Solutions and Consultancy Services Company. We welcome Visitor’s, Students, Businessmen, Professionals and all to take advantage of our professional visa services.  
Opportunities missed are common in many visa cases and the best way to correct them is to take the expertise professional services of our visa consultants at American Dreamzz. We listen, we understand, we care, we get to know you, before we give you professional advice and consultation for any category of USA visa. We are not just a Visa Solutions and Consultancy Company but also a Company where all the various categories of Visas are processed under one roof.
  American Dreamzz belief = Total client satisfaction american dreamzz  
Our services are fast, simple, accurate and we deliver 95% RESULTS. American Dreamzz has vast experience and in depth knowledge of various visas like ‘Visitor’s Visa (B1B2), Student Visa (F-1), Business Visa (L-1), J-1 Visa (Work/Internship Programme), and other categories of USA visas. At American Dreamzz, REJECTED CASES are also welcome. Our rates are affordable and services are more than expected. The success rate for the various visas are very high as close to 95%.
  American Dreamzz welcomes Visa Agents / Consultants to join us and be a part of our organization.